An Enigma Wrapped in Bacon (luccisione) wrote in mutablesigns,
An Enigma Wrapped in Bacon

First Post!

Join! Join! Join!

Please feel free to introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm a Pisces Sun, Gemini Rising with Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune in Sagittarius. :o)

Question for everyone: Which other quality do you get along with more: Cardinal or Fixed?

Initially I get along better with Cardinal Signs, but in the long run, I get along better with Fixed Signs.
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Mmmm. This one's definitely not tough for me... Fixed signs. I find myself disliking cardinal signs quite a bit, although I can't place why, and I must admit that one of my best friends is an Aries.
Have I looked at your chart before? We seem to have a lot in common.

I can place why. :oD Cardinal signs have a bit of disregard for things, feelings, people, and/or etc.
Honestly, I haven't a clue. :)

And I believe that you're probably spot on. It's true, not giving any thought to how your actions might negatively effect other people is something I really dislike in a person. Completely lack of consideration for those around you... it's not like you're the only person on this planet! >.> See? I'm already getting riled up just thinking about it.

Yes, there is a line. And it moves, depending on the situation... sometimes you need to look out for yourself, and sometimes a little compromise is needed... but, really. At least examine the line before diving in headfirst.
*Complete lack of
I get riled up about it as well. Even little things like when people stand in the middle of a hall where people are walking. It's like, do you not see that you are in people's way? Move! :oD
Haha, yeah, that's definitely one of my pet peeves. :-p
I couldn't give you the answer to that one. My chart is a disaster it seems. The friend I've had the longest is an Aries, but I don't feel comfortable sharing some of my deeper secrets with him. Just something with that idea feels wrong. However, I've dated both an Aries and a Virgo, and those relationships, while seeming good at the time, didn't end well in either case. (I know that I stated elsewhere that I've also dated a Leo, but this isn't entirely accurate as we never physically met, despite my attempts otherwise.)

So... Yeah. I don't know if I could answer that one properly.
Well, in the past two of my best friends were Cardinal signs, so if someone asked me back then, I would have said I love Cardinal Signs.

But no. I'm wiser now. Okie, maybe not wiser...more jaded. :oD